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About Us

Codaxis is the result of recurring problems encountered in companies and the meeting of two persons.

Guillaume Larchevêque began his career as an engineer in the software industry and turned to research in his search for effective solutions. Cyril Ferlicot-Delbecque joined Inria (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatisme) directly at the end of his studies after having made a significant contribution to software quality projects.

Together, in Inria’s context, they have solved many Architecture and Software quality problems on major projects for groups such as Siemens, Thales, Generali...

They now want to industrialize these approved recipes and offer not only a tool, but also their skills to equip your teams against the complexity of software development and maintenance.

What we offer

Dead code removal

Dead code is the first thorn to be removed in a strategy to improve a system. Dead code is the code that, for historical reasons, is found in the system but is no longer used by any functionality. Any subsequent correction of the system cost is increased by this code, which will have to be maintained unnecessarily. Without tools, it is very dangerous to remove code that you think is dead and that may still be used.

Duplication detection and factorisation

Duplication detection is the second action with a high return on investment to be performed. A duplicate system forces your teams to fix the same bug multiple times, and to read more code to add new features. Duplication is difficult to detect because often the code is partially modified and renamed. Advanced tools are essential to accomplish this research task in codes that can reach several million lines.

God class decomposition

God classes (or generally any entity that concentrates responsibilities and code) are the major obstacles to the evolution of a system. These entities on which everyone depends therefore have a complexity that makes any correction extremely costly. Being at the center of everything, they are systematically concerned, which makes them a devastating combination. Codaxis offers you a methodology to decompose these entities into much simpler entities with a defined scope of responsibility.

Our product

To execute the methodologies presented on the previous section, our product offers you complementary approaches that will adapt to your development and maintenance process.

Interactive Cartographies

Current systems reach millions of lines of code. Understanding them through reading is no longer an option. At Codaxis, we offer you an innovative solution with maps of your systems built in the context that interests you, and that you can explore dynamically to avoid being overwhelmed by the mass of information.

Expert Queries

You know your own system better than anyone else. It reflects both your business field and your company's culture. Who better than you to know what you are looking for? That's why we provide you a powerful query tool so that nothing escapes you.


In code analysis, metrics are interesting but their power is exponential when combined; these are called indicators. We put our experience at your disposal to propose significant indicators for your systems, and take measures to reduce your expenses.

Our Team

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