Extend your understanding of your software applications and improve your control over them to reduce maintenance costs.

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Revolutionary visualization of your system

Extend your understanding with more control on your system.


Generate automatically an intuitive and interactive map showing the information system.

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Our tool will update this documentation automatically as you system evolves.

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Obtain a best control on your system with custom rules and queries.

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Product and Services

The information system is the vital heart of the company. Its proper functioning and its ability to evolve are essential. Our Codaxis tool analyzes and maps your system instantly, visualize its MRI in real time. This powerful tool facilitates the understanding of the information and the system. Optimize the knowledge and performance of your teams by keeping the documentation of your system up to date.


You automatically generate an intuitive and interactive map showing the information system as it is in real time.

This mapping answers three answers for each element of the system :

Constitution, Dependencies and Clients

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You have to capitalize and maintain knowledge to follow evolution of your system.

You have subcontractors or new members and you need to explain your system.

You have high quality standard (CMMI, ISO/IEC/IEEE 90003:2018).

Get automatically updated and spatially located documentation


To capitalize on architectural strategy, you need to control the whole system (security, maintainability) because not everyone knows your best practices.

The tool checks after each generation that you rules have no new violations.

You can also export files in Jenkins format to check via continuous integration.

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Our Team

The founders

Codaxis is the result of our meeting, Guillaume and Cyril, two research engineers from Inria.

Cyril Ferlicot-Delbecque


Cyril discovers the taste of entrepreneurship by joining a startup at the end of his studies.

He then worked at Inria and becomes one of the main contributors to the software quality projects of the Rmod team.

Guillaume Larchevêque


Guillaume started his career as an engineer in the software industry.

He then turned to R&D to find efficient and innovative solutions to the problems encountered in the field.

Together, and supported by the researchers, we produced prototypes for important partners such as Siemens, Thales or Generali, solving many problems of architecture and software quality that had no solution on the market.

From our point of view, the most important thing is the collaboration of the teams and their business and technical knowledge.

We founded Codaxis to offer you an innovative and intuitive tool based on our know-how, our experiences and those of our customers and partners.

Our goal? To give you maximum control to carry out the essential changes to your information system. Whether on a daily basis or during major migration projects. And above all, not to lose the knowledge of your teams, your most precious asset.

The team

Yann Lesage

Dev Ops

Bojun Camelot

Business Developer

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